The Heart Circle Collective

Heart Circle is a community, a mindset, a lifestyle, built around the idea that positive energy is transformative and together we can do anything. 

We believe that happiness, comfort, peace, and prosperity are always within reach. A rich life on the inside within the heart creates an abundant world for all of us.

Imagination and Transformation

One of the first things you might notice about Heart Circle is our array of unique characters and often bizarre tidbits of lore that are found peppered throughout our designs. From the start we sought out to create a world you can get lost in, that allows our community to champion their own uniqueness while sharing in a collective story, one that is ever-evolving but grounded with a rich history.

Community and World-Building

Heart Circle's design inspiration and art direction comes largely from the world of Project Meridian, an expansive collection of source material that includes thousands of combined total characters, locations, and concepts. 

On top of this, Heart Circle also draws inspiration from the original works of creatives in our community, as well as obscure memes and Internet lore. 

Part of what makes us different is the community-first approach we have when it comes to our designs and the world-building behind everything we do here at Heart Circle. We want to involve other creatives within our community as much as possible - not only artists but storytellers, product models, influencers, and more. 

As we expand, we expect to host a variety of collaborations and partnerships in the anime art and fantasy space, not only to amplify the works of great creatives but also spread the word about the transformative power of storytelling and active imagining.

What Are Heart Circles?

A heart circle is a sacred space where beautiful ideas can be shared and synthesized into something greater. 

Many ancient cultures from around the world practiced their own version of a heart circle. They also have an association with magic and fantasy lore, as heart circles were places, it was thought, where fae and humans would come together, to share in the abundance of the hidden world.

Products and Production Methods

We take great pride in offering a large selection of fun, colorful, and dynamic designs. These designs can be found on a wide variety of products, from premium cotton graphic hoodies to affordable mouse pads, phone cases, and socks.

Our products take advantage of some of the latest printing methods, and we work closely with our printing and production partners to ensure quality. 

Because many of our products are authentic Japanese, Chinese, and Korean style items, some of the items in our catalog are produced in and ship from overseas. We also work closely with artists from Japan and China. Our community and brand is global, and we wouldn't want it any other way. Please be patient when ordering, as some of our items may have longer than average shipping times for this reason (these items are labeled). 

More About the Heart Circle Brand

Heart Circle is a clothing and lifestyle brand that fuses cute anime art with messages of positivity, mindfulness, and fun. We feature a wide catalog of products, ranging from everyday clothing essentials to high-end decor and accessories like wallets and button pins. 

Instead of creating yet-another "anime clothing brand" or graphic tee shop, our aim is something completely different. We want to tell a story and uplift our community, not just sell stuff. 

In that regard, Heart Circle is a lot more than just a brand name. With an ethos rooted in positivity and hope, we explore a range of themes throughout our designs, including self-empowerment, the power of positive thinking, and influential internet subcultures. 

We are not political but we do have an agenda. It's one of power and prosperity, but also of imagination and daring. Our designs are meant to inspire, to evoke emotion, to challenge the status quo (while looking cute af).

What is the Heart Circle Collective?

You! The Collective is all of the artists, creatives, designers, producers, manufacturers, team members, influencers, and customers that make Heart Circle possible, and that includes you. 

Are you an active part of the Collective yet?