Project Meridian

Meridian combines imagination and application, the result of countless hours of collaborative artistry and explorative introspection. Underpinning the vibe and art direction of Heart Circle, Meridian is both an immersive universe to explore and a new form of storytelling.

Expansive Worlds

Detailed and vibrant, Meridian brings together a variety of different worlds, weaving them together into one coherent and entertaining narrative.

Unique Characters

Hundreds of personalities populate the various worlds of Meridian. Some of these characters are fleshed out archetypes, while others are lovable companions that transcend the stories they take part in.

Rich Lore

A deliciously complex web of characters, locations, and histories spanning a multitude of dimensions. "Lore you can get lost in" has always been our aim, with themes and stories that push the boundaries of imagination.

Meridian FAQ

What is Meridian?

Meridian is an interstitial space that joins together all dimensions.

What is the Connection With Heart Circle?

Heart Circle was created to bring the worlds of Meridian to life, through fun and relatable products. These products not only help to flesh out the lore, but pave the way for upcoming projects, including novels and daily planners.

Why Anime?

Anime art combines the best aspects of so many mediums. It's expressive, colorful, fun, and relatable. For this reason, the visuals within Project Meridian are almost entirely in the anime style.

What Makes Meridian Different?

There are thousands of great fantasy projects out there. Meridian isn't about telling yet another fantastical tale, but is more about bringing fantasy into the everyday. What if the "story" was made real? That is one of the many questions at the heart of the Meridian project.

Is There a Book?

The first of many books is already in the works. Dreaming of Meridian will kick things off, followed by an array of other series and supplementary works.

Where Can I Learn More About Meridian?

A resource library is being built and will go live in the coming months.

How Can I Support Project Meridian?

Proceeds generated from Heart Circle go toward the wider Meridian ecosystem. We will also have donation links for those who love the vision and want to see it through.