Heart Circle FAQ

What is Heart Circle?

Heart Circle is a growing community of whitepilled creatives with one key goal: to spread positive energy. Through beautiful art and storytelling, we believe minds can expand and hearts can be touched. The Heart Circle brand itself is the product of decades of research into life enrichment, the transformative power of aesthetics, and the value of creative self-exploration. The items offered here in our store are a reflection of this work and one piece of a larger mission to revolutionize the way we think of beauty, love, and personal power. 

Why Do Some Items Ship Separately?

Heart Circle relies on a variety of different vendors and services for fulfillment. We prioritize quick shipping times and high-quality products over sourcing everything from a single vendor. As such, some items may ship separately.

How Can I Get Free Shipping?

Currently, Free Shipping will appear as an option at checkout when your total order value equals $75.00 or above. Note, some items are not available for Free Shipping. 

Who is Behind Heart Circle's Designs?

Most of the designs you'll find here on Heart Circle are exclusive and cannot be found anywhere else. There are already five artists involved in the production and creative direction of the designs we feature, with plans to bring in more talent in the future. 

How Are Heart Circle's Designs Made?

At Heart Circle we believe in the full range of creative expression and this is reflected in our art. Our designers use a combination of hand-drawn art, digital painting, digital illustration, digital augmentation, 3D rendering, AI augmentation (in-painting, pattern creation, scaling), and photography in order to achieve the desired results, which are pieces of art that faithfully reflect the messages we want to convey. 

Are Heart Circle's Characters Original?

While we intend on including characters from popular anime and manga in the future, our key focus is on highlighting the original characters and concepts of EXILLIS, and the wider Meridian ecosystem. Unless otherwise noted, all characters found at Heart Circle are wholly original and cannot be found anywhere else. 

Does Heart Circle Offer Custom Products?

Please reach out to us via chat or hello@heartcircle.co if you are interested in a custom product. Specifically, if you absolutely love one of our designs but wish it was featured on something else not currently in our store, we can work with you to design and ship this request.