Heart Circles: A Beginner's Guide

Heart Circles: A Beginner's Guide

Heart Circles are places of peace and joy, where souls align with one another for a greater purpose. 

Curious to learn some of the background behind Heart Circle and what it means to be a part of a movement that focuses on growth and positivity? 

We Are One in Heart Circle

One of the great tragedies of the modern world is our disconnection and lack of communication. So many of us seek isolation and independence even at the expense of our own happiness and success. Doesn't make very much sense, right?

Part of the reason for this is because we have allowed our egos to grow out of control, so there is this constant feeling of competition when around others, as well as feelings of inadequacy. There is a mix of negative emotions and ideas that causes us to put up walls when we should be reaching out to make connections. 

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In ancient times, community was everything. The bonds between aligned souls built entire kingdoms from nothing but dust. 

The idea of heart circles are nothing new. Gatherings of like-minded individuals who would align and work magic together. They would sing songs and break bread. They would listen to one another and share stories of import. Most importantly, they would work together to grow in a meaningful capacity. 

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of heart circles is that they appear in every major spiritual tradition around the world, in some form or another. Whether it's a church body, a prayer group, a drum circle, or a magic-weaver's coven, the heart circle remains at the core. 

What is the Purpose of Heart Circles?

The main reason why heart circles exist is to create bridges of deep communication between people, typically for the sake of something grand. Heart circles are about coming together to work magic while also reclaiming the good within us. 

Modern society has largely robbed us of our innocence and imagination. Within heartspace, innocence and imagination is abundant. The magic and energy of youth is ever-present. This fuels our collective desire to spread positivity and maybe even change the world. 

Heart circles are vehicles of change. They encourage self-reflection for the sake of collective enrichment. 

In a way, heart circles are also now a way of reclaiming the traditional and good. So much of modern society is empty and fear-based. Within the heart circle, it's OK to admit that the loose morals and the malicious intent that many of us foster is wrong and unhealthy, and that there is a beautiful alternative. 

Heart circles are about purposeful growth, an appreciation for aesthetics, and the acceptance of magic in one's life.

How to Practice a Heart Circle

Within the sanctum of a Heart Circle, individuals gather in a geometrically perfect ring, forging a sphere of freedom and power. Each soul is cherished with impartiality. A variety of rituals may be employed, and initially, the sentinel of the circle – a facilitator – might conjure a set of maxims to safeguard a sanctuary of respect and secrets unspoken.

These tenets could encompass the sacredness of silence (confidentiality), the introduction of a ceremonial object that grants the bearer the floor (a talking piece), allotting temporal boundaries, and the cultivation of an observant yet uncritical ethos.

This rite typically unfurls with a ceremonious cadence, with each attendant granted their moment under the listening sky. The current speaker unveils their innermost cogitations, emotions, or narratives, embracing vulnerability and genuineness. While there are numerous benefits of holding heartspaces like this, here are some of the main takeaways:

  • Mastery in the art of truly receiving the essence of others, and oneself.
  • The conjuring of an ambiance of affirmation and sanctuary.
  • The weaving of a tapestry of connection and empathic resonance.

The Heart Circle diverges on a profound tangent, revealing to us the inherent perfection in all states of being. It bears witness and declares that all which surfaces within our essence and that of our brethren should be acknowledged in its unadulterated form. 


Experience The Freedom and Fun

If you're not having fun, you're doing life wrong. 

Don't let the vapid ideals of modernity stifle your creative spirit. Embrace art, embrace beauty, align with a higher, heavenly ideal. 

Heart circle traditions are thousands of years old, this is just the latest extension, a new manifestation. The world is changing and we are on the forefront. By providing helpful products that align with this energy, we are redefining what it means to hold heart circles and practice these beautiful ancient traditions. 


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